Current Students

  • Raquel Barata (PhD Student, Statistics UCSC, co-supervised with Prof. Sanso, AMS)
  • Daniel Spencer (PhD Student, Statistics UCSC, co-supervised with Prof. Guhaniyogui, AMS)
  • Wenjie Zhao (PhD Student, Statistics UCSC)

Past Students

  • Mary Silva (MS Student 2019, Statistics UCSC)
  • Diana Gerardo (MS Student 2019, Statistics UCSC)
  • Mark Beers (MS Student 2019, Statistics UCSC)
  • Stella Huo (MS Student 2018, AMS UCSC)
  • Cheng-Han Yu PhD 2018. Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University
  • Annalisa Cadonna, PhD 2017, co-advised with Prof. Kottas (UCSC).  Currently: Assistant Professor, Institute for Statistics and Mathematics, Vienna University of Economics and Business.
  • Jing Cao, MS 2015. Currently: Data Analyst at The Climate Corporation.
  • Zhe Yu, PhD 2015 (Co-Supervised, Primary advisor H. Ombao, UCI). Currently: Apple.
  • Nicole Mendoza, MS 2014. Currently: PhD Student AMS, UCSC.
  • Jairo Fuquene, MS 2013. Currently: PhD Student University of Warwick.
  • Caleb Wright, MS 2012.
  • Killian O’Connor, MS 2012. Currently: Data Scientist, Cogo Labs, Boston.
  • Saheli Datta, PhD 2011, co-advised with A. Rodriguez. Currently: Data Scientist at Microsoft.
  • Michael Derouen, MS 2007. Currently: R&D Engineer (EECE), San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Yuzheng Zhang, MS 2007. Currently: Statistical Research Associate, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.
  • Daniel Merl, PhD 2006. Currently: Head of Data Science, Physera.
  • Irene Garcia, MS 2000. Currently: Profesor Asociado, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela.